Zune vs iPod

The iPod is the single biggest product to revolutionise private consumption of music right after Sony’s Walman series started feeling old and lame. The iPod was sleek, smooth and sexy as hell. Never broke down and the battery life was/is as reliable as you Grandma. It proceeded to change how music is sold, packaged and advertised. all manner of gadgets were thrown up by Sony trying to relinquish a market that was already lost to the guys in California. None worked.

Microsoft soon jumped on to the bandwagon(as is regular and expected) and launched their own gadget christened Zune. Yea i know weird name. But as marketers once told me, weird names sell. try giving your product a regular name and you will get regular clients and thats no road to billions and an IPO. Never gave the gadget much thought until an acquaintance offered one for sale. Prior to this I owned an iPod nano 8gb and it worked fine for me save for rejecting half my music that wasn’t .mp3 or .wma . Why iTunes doesn’t have inbuilt audio converters to whatever format they want is beyond me. Anyhoo. . . I was staunchly in the Apple/iPod corner with no intention to move.  The intention came with the words 30 gb next to zune. By now you should know my loyalty to any one gadget or manufacturer is next to nil. A better product from an obscure inexperienced or even unknown company will make me jump ship any day of the week and twice on sundays. But Microsoft is anything but inexperienced or unknown.

So being the regular geeky dude that I am, I jumped on to the opportunity to acquire a zune media player when it presented itself.

And my oh my, was I impressed. Granted it doesnt have the cool capacitive touch clickwheel that I had gotten hooked to on the iPod,is rather bulky and doesn’t have a bass booster but I can live without that.

It comes packed with a big fat screen making viewing videos a breeze. Wifi connectivity to enable you and any other Zune user to exchange  body fluids digital content. Also you can purchase stuff from the Zune marketplace when in a wifi hotspot, sync your player with your pc wirelessly and heaven knows what else. . its like watching a hot chick grow hotter. . .

Download now or watch on posterous

28092010(001).3gp (1168 KB)

Am sold. Totally and completely. . .Until someone else pops something better. .

here are some screenshots of the Zune pc interface.

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  • Kevin

    I have the Zune HD. It gets better.

  • mwangy

    nice. . its fully touch?

  • Kevin

    Fully touch screen, slicker and thinner. I would recommend it being that I’m no Apple fan.