Zuku Wimax

So finally the zuku Guys came over and hooked me up with their Wimax connection ! week after full payment. they had warned that it might take two weeks so atleast they dint keep me waiting too long. a total of 4 guys showed up armed to the teeth in blazing official coveralls literrally rubbing their hands together asking me where I want the Mutha. .  .

I must say this enthusiasm was surprising and refreshing and I suppose they like their job coz they were all ribbing each other freely like they were all in the same class or something. . So the slapped the mimax radio on the chimney (which we actually use) and ran the cable right to my not so organised room. . (they understood) so here I am with blazing Broadband glory. . .next stop, a PC that can run modern games so that i start online gaming. . .

My link is good enough for my needs. it also helps that the Base station is 500 meters from the crib. . and they have several in the area as their survey indicated. . .

My speed test results

My speeds

P.S the new XBOX 360 is just insane!! take the fun in playing those wee games on Nintendo’s wee And get rid of the controllers. . . . I LOVE technology. . .

Below is the power supply to the Wimax radio on the roof. .. .

  • What are your DNS servers

    • mwangy

      They automatically assign me DNS addresses but when they have issues I use the google one

  • i live in runda and we’ve not had net from aug 20th.they keep talking of a failed base station.when i try to ask them of where their base station is,they evade the question.even before it kept on disconnecting.we’ve considered telling them to come and get their things

    • mwangy

      Daniel that is very sad and bad service. I am also considering cancelling the contract since I have been waiting for the fiber package for too long. Wanted the wimax to just hold the fort before fiber got here but it has become too expensive for me.