Writers Block

Sometimes u just dont have anything to write home (or anywhere else for that matter) about and you feel compelled to submit something but cant get anything out of your fingers. . . pretty frustrating especially if you are being timed, theres an invigilator on your neck and the guy next to you is scribbling furiously and asking for more writing space .. . . I sometimes feel like choking such guys. . . .they think they are so bright. .  . .anyhoo the only break ave ever found to crushing writers block is to go and look for new different experiences and meet new people with both intresting and mundane stories and they will more often thannot furnish you with whatever it was you felt was missing. . . try it , you may or may not regret it. . .

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  • Great solution, Mwangy. Thanks for the tip!

  • mwangy

    anytime @biche. . .

  • kipsang

    I’ve unashamedly stolen this! 😉

    • mwangy

      Go ahead homie . .knowledge is meamt to be spread . .