Windows 7

Just installed Windows 7 the Beta and I must say its the best windows ave used to date. . .
It requires a minimum of 512 mb so had to upgrade my ram. . . . .
Video playback is also not optimum if you dont have a graphics card(like me. . )
All in all I cannot complain about the GUI and speed of processing. . .it even boots faster than xp! browsing is also a lot faster . . I think this is due to the fact that unnecessary services are shut down when they are not in use and so they do not hog system resources and bandwidth. . . .very impressive indeed. . . . .Lemme explore some more. . ..

  • dan buria

    please, please, by all means.
    go ahead and do all the exploring, why does it sound like a miracle when you say it loads faster than XP.
    in a way that makes me think this thing is better than XP.
    and with XP being the only windows OS to compare to(vista never counted)then i guess we’re in for some interesting times

  • christiano kwena

    i kinda love how they made efficiency their focus, and the security feature is more intelligent than that of vista sp1