Windows 7 RC

Just finished downloading and installing the latest Windows 7 Release Candidate from our pals at Redmond. . . . . the setup screen/interface is pretty and is a nice guise for u to think everything is honkydorry till u pop the hood. . . ..
Dont get me wrong. .. .they ave done a nice job of it but I tend to find its less compatible with my Machine than the Beta. . . .. .Maybe its because I upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate. . . . .Or maybe its just my pc thats ancient. . .. or I may have a conficker or backdoor trojan variant helping out wherever it can. . . . .I dont know but am not that impressed. . . . . .well the license gives me a year to tinker around and thats all the time I needed Anyway. . . . Also not all softwares install immediately and seamlessly as was the case with the beta. . . . . .Improvement or too many cooks at the soup???