Why Safaricom will remain no. 1

For the past several days ave tried all the different mobile telco
companies in the data segment and only Safaricom lets you do what you
wanted to do. . .

I took up the YU unlimited offer for 50 bob per day and all I can say
is that I have exhausted the expletives I had in my dictionary. . and
its a bit comprehensive. Its not just that they have capped the speed
@64kbps , its that they keep dropping the connection every other
minute or more frequently if they so desire . . . .its impossible to
do anything, even open a simple webpage and navigate it!. . .calling
customer care gives me a lot of PR bull that doesn’t solve any of my
problems and doesn’t help their case. . . .

I see them packing up real soon and I for one will not be
dissapointed. . .The fact that all these companies are ganging up
against Safaricom even placing ads in the dailies whining about how
Safaricom is dominant and they are not is just pathetic. . Safaricom
brought M-Pesa when they were acting all snooty saying it wont
work,Safaricom invested in a 3G license when they were seated in their
offices saying how internet is expensive because of satellite bandwith
and related bull. . ., Safaricom started per second billing when
Kencell thought that mobile phones should only be for the rich and the
rest should just stick to booths. . . . innovation after innovation
turned into billions after billions and now the snooty French, Indians
and Arabs want a share of the profits when all they offer is cheap
on-net calls? Gimme a break . . .

These guys should shove a sock in it and sell their firms to Kamau and
Fatuma and Wakhisi, pack up and go back to exploiting their customers
back where they came from(do you know Americans pay to receive calls
and sms’s? the nerve of those companies!)

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