Why Dissing our MPs never gets old

Today I saw a meme that questioned the profound wisdom of older guys. The punchline was that daft people grow old too. I suppose in the past being daft meant you are likely to die fast and thus unlikely to be an old man. Possibly to live to be old meant you were smart enough to avoid the numerous risks.

Nowadays though walking into a hungry lion or cheetah or bumping into a buffalo in a foul mood is less likely. AlShabab is more likely to kill you in this part of the world than a wild animal pissed of at you fondling its children(Why do we call them wild anyway? they must think we are the weirdest things ever with all sorts of different feathers everyday and the propensity to murder each other for fun )

This reminded me of our members of parliament. The baggas always try and sound relevant to the times but in the effort they wind up showing  collossal amounts of ignorance and a significant waste of salaries. A week or so ago, a bunch of them(100 plus) all trooped to the airport to fly to the Hague “in a show of solidarity” with the Deputy president as he starts trial for causing Genocide. Such headlines are the stuff of movies.

The guys still vote by thumping their feet 3 years since seats fitted with electronic voting systems were installed. Why this happens should be investigated by Mr Ripley’s Believe it or not. Th e=recent utterances following the Westgate attack are what gripe me the most. They promised to ‘punish’ the armed forces for their dismal performance during the raid. How many of them have served in any of the forces even for a month remains unanswered.

Now Members of parliament are there to do only one thing. make laws. Foaming at the mouth trying to sound authoritative and dishing out orders for the walls to carry out is a waste of taxpayers resources in a purely fiscal manner.  Being loudmouths shouldn’t cost 1 million bob plus a month.

The link between poachers and the terrorists has long been established and the lacklustre treatment of the poachers shows more than the Westgate attack does. As is always best practice, always follow the money and you will find the culprits 99% of he time. The Ivory and Rhino horn is not sold to horn loving extraterrestrials.  If the NIS is half competent, then they have known his for decades. Why the security organs generally do nothing about it is again a bigger statement than any flurry of activity they take when a herd of elephants is found lying dead and tusk less.

Not one to be left behind, the institution of parliament has ben on a roll all year. From wailing like children to get more pay, to passing a horrendous VAT bill that I doubt any read or put any thought to, to spending mindless hours debating on even more mindless referendums to change the constitution.

As we speak a poacher caught in the act or an individual caught with ivory gets such a pitiful fine that its generally risk free to be a poacher or trafficker. No MP has bothered to sponsor the Wildlife Bill that has been prepared by the professionals at KWS. Not one.

So when I hear them shouting hoarse about national security I wonder what the hell they are talking about. Our Cabinet secretaries are even more clueless with some thinking hostage corpses are insignificant.

If there are no hollywood producers setting camp here, there is massive amount of content going to waste.


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