This week saw in the news some lady dressed in spinach leaves perched on the pavement spreading her gospel on maintaining a rabbits diet. Now am all for freedom of speech but I think vegeterains should be knocked upside the head.

Their argument is fundamentally flawed and like most religions it chooses to ignore details and facts that dont sit well with their chosen version of opium for the masses.

Their reason for not eating animal products is that animals also have feelings and our diet can be fully met by eating only stuff that mainly makes its own food. The one thing that these guys conviniently forget is that Spinach is also alive before you decide to chop it up and place in inhospitable conditions in your sufuria. That carrots dont cry out in pain or bleed to death doesnt make them any less alive when you harvest them and decide they will make a good salad.

Many hide behind the idea that animals are concious and thus inhuman to slaughter for food. I am yet to see empirical evidence that potatoes are not aware of their existence and thus deserve to be eaten. That the dont seem to have a high level brain and/or cortex doesn’t mean they are biological machines designed to grow only for the nourishment of humans. It is perfectly plausible that cucumbers grow with aspirations to be as big and strong as their parents were and hope to change the little space they occupy for their kids. I doubt being part of some guys meal is a life aspiration.

The nature of nature is that the guy above you on the food chain can eat you and he is eaten by the guy above him. Skipping several steps doesnt make you any better than me it just leaves more for me.

Everyone gets eaten by something else. . its just the way it is. I wouldnt be too shocked if beings like the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis would show up some day in an intergalactic cruiser, park in orbit, proceed to collect enough Humans to nourish them on their trip to their version of a club somewhere in the next galaxy just the same way we drop into sonford for some hapless kuku which must have had big dreams.

Sticking to vegetables doesnt make you any more human. afterall if you love animals so much, let the mosquitos tonight suck you dry. . .they are just trying to survive. . .

So all yall vegeterians, get off the high horse and just admit you are allergic to animal protein. you will save everyone alot of trouble.

  • Lol the kuku porno had big dreams? 🙂
    i’m a veggie. Just sayin. Nw hammer my head in 😀
    Newho i kid i’m half veggie half human. In dec i saw a cow slaughtered in shagz it grossd me so out i hvnt bn able to eat nyama ths yr. Bt i kula fish n chicken tho it gets harder to do tht wen the chicken cms from our coop- fil lyk m eatn sm1 i knw!
    Hey, i probably need love and understanding- plus a psychiatrist- so don’t judge me.

  • Paul M

    This post above mine just needs one line… That one. I am a serious meat eater… love this musing on vegetarians… Can u imagine if animals did not exist… well I can’t… it would be very sad like that Sarafina song(Safa Saphel Isizwe)… people would be crying left right and center…

    Thank you, Mwangy… Power sandwich hia I come to test your existence…

    • mwangy

      hehe. . . @paul u r a meat psycho. . .lol. . .pia mimi napenda nyama. . no apologies. .