Ukoloni Mamboleo

This is getting rediculous.

Like really how long will this go on. Google just finalised scanning and uploading ALL the govenment gazette notices since alittle longer than forever. They are not downloadable. Technically they own that data. And our govenment just handed over the data.

The world bank is allover the place funding the iHub m-lab, nai lab just about any lab calling itself a tech/innovation hub is getting chums bandying around words like innovation, mobile revolution and GDP growth. Yea I dont know what that means either.

Ardent historians will recognise whats going on. When the Europeans salivated upon the richness within the mystreious hinterland that was Africa, they knew showing up with guns and battleships wont work like it did in south america. We had iron. Dealing with lions, rhinos and elephants kinda gave us years of experience of surviving. So they took a more devious route. Showing up with a new religion and new ideas on commerce. Basically it was a cultural invasion which slowly became military occupation when some guys started getting uncomfortable with the idea of a bunch of white folk imposing their ideas of freedom and religion on the populace. 

Same script today, different cast. Google, Facebook, Twitter are amongst the major gobblers of internet time in the country and they are all owned by companies in the big bad US of A. 

That the US govenment has more or less unlimited access to the data hosted within its borders goes without saying and no amount of cable leaks would even come close to the amount of data we are talking about.So all your clande plans and financial dealings are searchable to the US govenment. 

The University of Nairobi uses google apps to run the student email service and where is all this data hosted? You guessed it, USA. Mpesa is owned by the Vodafone group. They run it from that rock sitting off the french coast. The records of how much money you send to your mum/clande/mechanic are stored in a foregn country within easy access to the foregn govenment

Am a gmail user so am not saying its inferior technology. Far from it. Though I may be willing to trade efficiency for privacy, I hardly think an established University should give up the same privacy yet they have a properly established computer science department with many skilled students and staff. Whats the use if they cant build, implement and run an email system that is homegrown? Are we just training microsoft outlook configurers and installers/upgraders?

In my department, we more or less exclusively use ArcGis and IDRISI for GIS and Remote sensing manipulation and analysis. Ancient versions because the licenses for the newest versions could run Rwanda for a week. Yet we have Open source alternatives that come with more features and better support for newer formats. The money going to ESRI for licensing could easily be directed to inhouse development of the plugins and extensions we need for the platform. This is not a rant about capitalist companies profiting from thirld world countries because that was getting old last century. 

This is about being mesmerised by a can of instant coffee called nescafe yet the coffee in there is from your back yard. This is about telling Ranneberger to shut it about the hague because the USA is not a rome statute signatory. This is about reviving the railway and stop airing the garbage on TV in the name of mexican/philipino/nigerian soap operas. They somehow manage to illustrate that being petty pays and sitting around doing nothing will get you the man of your dreams. They help nobody not even the daft ones amongst us. Educate the population not drowning them in endless whining and false worlds. 

Am done Ranting. On to the next.



  • “This is about reviving the railway and stop airing the garbage on TV in the name of mexican/philipino/nigerian soap operas.” – I agree totally… Takataka ndani ya tube…