Ufala Inc.

We are not a country anymore. And cut the crap about being sovereign n shit. Thats British cultural crap we keep vomiting and swallowing up again. We are a company that is not run by locals. We are a multinational with local workers and foreign shareholders. ask cholmondely and the java coffee guy. . they can shoot as many people as they want, defile as many girls as they want and they will go back to their wives and families after afew months. You with your Afro look and unsexy surname try that and your butt will see more transactions in prison than an ATM on tom mboya street.We are a company and what better proof than a single guy landing in an airport named after his father, uses a road named after his fathers favorite pet, then joins a road named after him and goes to hold a rally in a public park that so happens to be his name as well. That Uhuru means freedom in Swahili is moot. That park was named after Kenyattas son.

Politics nauseates me because i tend to think it is unnecessary. No solution to modern problems was ever created by a polititian. they just screw things over. problems are fixed by scientists, technicians, professionals. not loudmouths with an opinion. I dont see the points of rallies. If  you want to put a point across have a debate with your opponent on a neutral platform and if you make more sense than him then you win. running around talking about wakenya and nchi yetu is akin to dragging your fingers over a chalk board.

We should blackout media stations like Citizen, KTN and KBC to having nothing else to cover than the afternoons of 3 suspects of crimes against humanity.