So I started blogging thinking ad be talking bout geeky stuff all the time . . . then I got derailed and now talk about the sun and whats beneath it. . . Not that I mind. It is my blog anyway. 

So I figured ad talk abit bout my experience with ubuntu so far. 

For those in the Green (or is it the blue?) Ubuntu is an Operating system. Just like windows xp/vista/7 or mac Os . Simply put it runs your Computers Hardware. Think of it as the subconcious of your pc. Like you dont think about breathing or chewing or regulating your blood sugar level. Your body systems do that. Same case with the OS. Its like your 'Pc System' it supports everything else you decide to do with the comp. 

So some time back I got tired of constantly looking for antivirus updates and being careful with peoples flashdisks and decided to try out Linux in general and Ubuntu to be specific.

Installation was a breeze and my old bucket seemd to not groan under the demands of the new software. . It was pretty slick and came preinstalled with most of what I needed to use anyway. only drawback at the time was dependence on the internet to download any drivers I needed since the campus fraternity ain't too resourceful when it comes to open source software and lets not even get started with campus net or lack thereof.  Anyhoo being Mwangy the Great this was no biggy and I proceeded to get hooked to the big bad web and download the necessary codecs and updates. Ubuntu comes with the stock browser as Firefox and open office and what not such that out of the box you can do most of the things you do on a regular day

I was now virus free, and had extra geek points for being the only dude running linux in my hostel. Firing up the terminal and launching software from it earned me super geek status especially from guys who couldnt differentiate between pentium and intel or understand why running two antiviruses can be detrimental. runing sudo apt-get update left the entire room silent. . . .All the same I chilled as the Ubuntu king for a bit before I got bored with their collection of games. I mean lets face it blowing up evil aliens to smithereens is maddening fun and since I couldn't get that (or rather get it easily) on ubuntu I had to resort to dual boot with windows XP. Installing stuff like graphics hungry games is a royal pain on linux because of the cowboy nature of opensource software that struggles to keep up with advancing tech and new releases by hardware manufactureres. sure there are virtual box softwares but its never really the same when the games/ applications cant access the actual hardware natively. And right there is where my patience run out. No beef with  Mr. Linus Torvalds (the guy who made the linux kernel)but am gna stick to bill Gates'  atleast where gaming is concerned. 

Am still an ubuntu user ,never tried suse or bsd maybe I will some time but I like my OS's like I would like my car to be,light, not fussy, and do its damn job with as little drama or effort as necessary while allowing me for some experimentation. Ubuntu does that for me.