Ubuntu 11.10

Though am joining the fray kinda late, I have just installed the latest distribution of Ubuntu 11.10 and its a seriously fresh breeze compared to the ancient Windows XP that ruled this laptops motherboard.

I got tired of XP because the DVD drive no longer worked, there were a million processes going on that I couldn’t really account for and there is the fact that Microsoft are not supporting it anymore. I needed something fresh and knowing me to be an unapologetic ubuntu groupie, I got myself the latest offering and proceeded to format my modest machine. Now the  machine is an old Toshiba satellite with a gig of ram and 1.5ghz centrino processor so it no beast more like a kitten.

Installation was a breeze and no problem was too difficult to resolve

Ubuntu desktop


I had a couple of issues with the Nvidia driver but a little googling sorted me out. Gotta warn you though an internet connection is vital for adequate use otherwise you will have a world of hurt and you may just decide to toss your laptop out the window.


Happy computing!