Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

So the newest iteration of Ubuntu was released 2 days ago and my impatient self couldnt wait to hit the upgrade button. Seeing as my home link cortesy of Zuku crawls like its got a bad date waiting, I decided to go download the ISO from school. After an adventure trying to get a pc older than the Ark to get to the ubuntu page, the download completed in under 40 mins. Now thats some blazing internet. Wonder where all that bandwith goes when Mwangy is not downlading stuff. Anyhoo getting home I make a flash disk my startup disk and proceed to boot from it after a little fiddling in the bios.

Ubuntu Is slowly maturing, and I like that lots, right from the install menu it detects if you have previous versions of Ubuntu and lets you choose to upgrade, install side by side or install fresh. . .Very Nice.

Now this is where I went wrong and my impatience came to bite me in the rear. In my haste to get the system up and running ASAP, I skipped the part for downlading updates during the installation. The result was poor grief. My quantum GIS and octave softwares were wiped out and my vlc started behaving like a kid with chickenpox and ADD. I suppose this is because of broken/incomplete package issues .. or maybe not. My advice is to let it download whatever it wants even if it will take forever and beyond. . . .

So go get your copy and join the head scratching republic. . I promise it wont make you lose all your hair. . . !

  • Kipsang

    I moved from Ubuntu… Now using Mandriva…

    • mwangy

      why did you leave ubuntu?