Transformers Dark of the Moon

Ok come on with such a title you just know you are in for a ride, a Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg kinda ride.

There is really no other way for you to see it than in a 3d cinema with crisps, a bunch of your pals and Sarit center today fit the bill perfectly. The movie is long but believe me you ain’t going to notice the time.

Shia lebeouf makes a comeback as Witwicky and as usual his performance is top notch. They dumped the hot Megan Fox for  Rosie Huntington-Whiteleyas Witwicky’s muse, hot but doesn’t own the character .


She seems more like a pretty pair of legs strutting around to make the environment abit more colourful . Doesn’t really fit in with the whole explosion and anarchy around the movie. Did I mention she is hot, and this aint just makeup or clothes, am talking genes, am talking god taking afew more minutes, am talking bout gerring it over n over n. . okay al stop.

The fight sequences were awesome and arse kicking is delivered in 4 courses complete with desert , just how I like it. Seeing it in 3D just makes it all that more awesome.


Anyhoo, the one thing that hit me during the course of the movie was the essence of the American state being based on an idea. None of the resident Americans are originally from the continent. They are all immigrants, and the local Red Indian population was all but wiped out. So here is a country  that is basically historyless and  had to start from scratch to declare their ethos  without any historical hang-ups(other than the red Indian massacre ofcourse).The idea that freedom is a right that though must be earned through responsibility, it must be defended at all cost. And somehow some alien robot with a testosterone filled name like Optimus Prime who is basically homeless knows that more than anyone else. I have long imagined the entire American movie industry is a massive propaganda machine to convince the masses that the American dream is actually a human dream. That the American way is the optimal evolution of society, Government, industry and ultimately civilization. That should an alien force try invade our planet, we would all have to turn to the Americans for salvation due to their superior technology, bravery and sense of right and wrong.

They could be right though but the only way to prove it would be to invite an alien race of highly advanced mechanical beings that are hell bent on destroying our planet.  Anyone?