The power of conceding

A week ago as I was going about my business seated in a matatu i was presented with an unrequested theatrical perfomance between the tout and a middle aged lady.

The said lady wanted to alight at a point that was clearly not a stage (twas smack dab in the middle of jogoo road) since the conductor had missed her stage. now this wasn’t the touts fault since he hadn’t been informed timely enough such that he could chip some more paint odff the door frame with a 20 bob coin to signify dumping of goods(passengers / wathii).

So here was a woman in her forties in a shouting contest with a tout old enough to be her son in a totally pointless argument out of which I saw no good coming out of. All the passengers in the matatu, the tout, the cop on the street outside and I bet the street lamp and dip stick in the engine knew the lady had no case but on she went. Needless to say I was laughing like a maniac following Kat Williams advise to never be ashamed of laughing at people who are making a fool of themselves (thereby prolonging my life). This went on for quite abit and I think my laughter is what made them not go full swing into insults since i would be having too much fun. . .

This incident made me wonder why people find it so hard to concede defeat in a n argument or confrontation even when everyone watching knows who is wrong. Many wars could have been avoided, many egos would remain intact.