The Gunslinger

I think the outrage directed at the Deputy CJ is about protocol and not principle.

True the guard shouldn’t ordinarily do a search on upstanding members of the government but first of all she ain’t that famous yet. I could easily pass her on the street. Its not the guards’ fault that she doesn’t memorize the faces of all new appointees to swanky government posts. She was just doing her job and doing it well at that. Second of all I would fire all those bodyguards. Where were they when the guard was following her into the complex? Politely explaining to the guard who she was pursuing would have changed her actions just like that *snaps finger in air*

That guards are generally rude is debatable. Most often than not people treat you as you treat them. Greet them well, treat them with respect and they will do the same. I don’t know or care who’s side of the story is true. That’s irrelevant. Damage has been done.

Seeing as she is supposed to be smarter than the rest of us, I think the public outrage is due to the disappointing and embarrassing turn of events that have cast doubt on the judiciary.

But a fresh scandal will soon overshadow hers. . Am sure Sonko is seething with the lack of attention.