The CoE : Why they are real experts

Being a comrade and not liking having some guys gloat and give
themselves titles whose value I don’t immediately recognise, I dint
like that a bunch of lawyers were being called experts on the
constitution. . .I mean have they written 20 other constitutions for
other countries for them to qualify as experts?

I thus was thinking here was another money hungry committee/commission
of sorts that will just yap away and wind up with little to show for
it. . . but a little thought and analysis later revealed how
ingeniously brilliant these guys are and why they had to do what they
did. . . Allow me to explain. . .

All the corrupt politicians don’t like this draft constitution. It
mows down most of their influence and works to eradicate public
ignorance that they so relish. It brings in massive amounts of money
down to the core administrative units that really need the money and
keeps it away from their control. In the new arrangement there will be
lots of vetting and enough signatures to issue a payment such that it
will be that much harder to issue fake ass contracts to ghost
companies. . .

It address land issues and provides for maximum and minimum acreage,
all land is generally communal land so the guys with 70,000 acres
sitting around doing nothing will have to explain why guys should
slaughter each other over fractions of an acre while you sit with your
fat arse doing nothing on the land. . .

Constituents will be able to recall MPs e.t.c amongst many more
positive reforms. . .Now the beautiful part is actually the part we be
calling contentious and screaming our lungs out about. I dint quite
get why they would include the kadhi’s court when its historic
significance has dissapeared and mutilate the abortion clause when the
PSC had made it nice n clean for the church. . . . didn’t seem very
expertly to me. . .But when I study politicians and the public mood, I
understand. . .

It was a silencing move that has kicked the air out of the vitriol
spilling politicians lungs. . .now no-one can start fanning tribal
crap and land issues while we have a much more “contentious” issue
like abortion. . .The public is fixated on abortion and kadhis courts
courtesy of the church and few will listen to a guy yapping bout
majimbo and devolution n crap like that. .. . politicians who insist
on talking bout these things will seem out of step, selfish and
seemingly don’t support equality or the right to life. . .Thats why
Ruto is in a rut and all the others dont seem like they know what they
are doing. . . .Baba jimmy if you are behind this, Respect. . ..

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