The Chicken or the Egg. .. .Which should come first?

Tommorow seacom have promised to launch their much touted Undersea cable which has recieved as much coverage by local press as the recent demise of MJ. .. . . . some call it a revolution, others anticipate an ‘internet boom’. . .. others think now we will be like the US complete with freeways and macdonalds at every street. . .. . . I for one cant wait to start downloading and uploading at breakneck speeds. . . .

But we may just end up as a dumping site of movies, silly streaming video and brazing attacks on financial systems amongst others by international cyber criminals. . ..

And thence comes my question. . . will faster internet bring knowledge and further research or will it simply improve access to facebook and allow attachments to download faster?. . . .As one analyst said, University professors don’t need broadband to digitise their notes or make them accessible on-line . . . . . this whole cable business has just been an excuse we have been having for not using the internet appropriately. Granted, internet costs have been almost insane in the past but we still forked it out to watch NTV on you tube and download all sorts of less then educative content with the same. . . ..

I may be wrong but I don’t see what all the fuss is. . . .

  • Stan

    wow, nice articals…quite insightful..