The Case For Broadband Internet In Kenya

Many internet service providers in the market today tout their products to offer ‘real’ broadband speeds regardless of the fact that they all rely on the satellite backbone for connectivity. . . And true to my suspicions . . . The bandwith is almost always shared . . .Which means u dont get what u paid for . . Its like getting piped water straight to your house compared to getting access to a watering hole. . . Just like everybody else. . . In this respect most of the isp’s mislead their consumers. . . . In my experience the fastest link ave experienced is on Safaricom 3G . . . . Where I have achieved a 2.2 mbps download speed. . . . I guess we will just have to wait for the fiber optic cables to land in mombasa. . . .

  • kip

    You put it right!………there’s simply no real broadband this side of the Sahara! unless the specifications are regionally varied which I know is the case! Lets see what the under_sea cable with offer us later this year.