Weird word but its what I call evolution of technology. . . . . .from the first wheel to probes on the moon (I still dont believe anyone passed through the van-allen radiation belt and landed on the moon ) to a world wide web of  virtual pages that allow you to buy your groceries online, pick up a date, manage your bank account and view the product of millions of dollars and several months of production in the name of a movie. . .all at your desk.

All this technology is really amazing considering that less than a century ago, we believed that leaving your clipped finger nails lying around could just tempt a witchdoctor to place a spell on you. . . .such giant leaps are hardly explainable and thus lead me to question if they are really as a result of painstaking research and intense brainstorming.. . . . . Sometime back watched a documentary that analysed the pyramids and concluded that they couldn’t have possibly been built by the Egyptians  and they proceeded to prove it. . . . .they went on to claim that even with our present technology we cant build them with the same accuracy. . . . .I therefore concluded that even our present technology is not really developed by humans for humans as is broadly evangelised. . . . .. .Question is Who makes it?

  • kipsang

    C’mon! Don’t tell me you’re a conspiracy theorist too!

  • Chris

    Hey, which ISP do you use? are they reliable? Looking for one asap. The ones i was about to pick did a poor job in installing antenna and have bad customer service and no follow-up at all.

    • mwangy

      As of now I believe kdn are the best though its not their core business. . .