Why I am happy we were colonised

We just love complaining.

I think its a part of our genetics. Must be.

A lot of literary acreage and intellect is wasted attacking the west for colonizing Africa and using the land, resources including the human population as slaves to work on their sugar plantations.

Others decry the policies imposed by the IMF,World Bank,UN etc in interfering with our ‘sovereign’ affairs. The sovereign affairs could easily be a despot murdering citizens but we complain non-the less.

I think we are full of it. All the technology we use to launch these attacks is mostly western made on eastern assembled hardware. All south-saharan communities did not have written language prior to Arab and European influence(as far as I can tell). The world is one huge village already. Complaining how one of your neighbors used to steal you candy when y’all were small 20 years later is considered universally lame. So the British took ‘our’ land and generally mistreated us for many decades. What have we done about it since then? Sue them in their own law courts. Really?

And the slavery business is just another pot of lies and misdirection. The Arabs had been at it for centuries before the Europeans got into the game. The Europeans and Arabs didn’t raid villages and capture the strong and able-bodied themselves. They had African warlords and chiefs do the dirty work for them. Slavery would not have existed were it not for the complicit chiefs who decided that cowrie shells were more valuable than the neighboring tribes. It was simply not possible to lead incursions into the hinterland to gather slaves. Instead of blaming the Arabs and Europeans, why don’t we look to ourselves to figure out why our neighbors happily sold us? With that level of betrayal would you still want to keep all foreigners out?

A united African front would have been impenetrable what with Nature helping the cause along. The Europeans and Arabs had no immunity against the plethora of micro bugs that teemed in the continent at the time and you can’t develop drugs for diseases you don’t know about. It all came down to greedy chieftains and warlords that sought profit from the suffering of the masses.

It was also the Europeans led by the British that put a stop to the slavery trade anyway. At their own expense. Shouldn’t we be happy about that?

Human issues are never black or white. They are almost always one of the millions of shades of gray. With our 40 years of self-rule, we have seen dictators, corrupt autocratic ‘statesmen’ and ethnic cleansing. I shudder when apologists try to blame foreign power meddling in our affairs and I wonder how Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez turned round his country.

I love technology and I care very little who made it. I love that we have 3G all over the country and with 40/- I can call a cousin in Europe and talk for a few minutes. I can tell you for free Africa without European intervention would not have developed a worldwide communication network by 2012. I am not interested in traditions that do not help my life. I bet if Africa remained the untouched dark continent, I would be in skins now herding some cattle and run away from a chopper believing it was a demon or worship it and the guys who would descend from it as gods. We wouldn’t have a global system of satellites that was African built and operated. I am not about to stop using something just because it wasn’t built here. That is nonsense as far as am concerned.

I am not apologizing on behalf of the British for their excesses. Am just saying we are not any better.

We need to let go of the colonial hangover and do our thing.