Fake Assistant Commissioner of Police

So today I woke up to this fascinating news piece.

Fake assistant commisioner


I wasn’t even shocked. That a notorious highway robber could be indistinguishable from regular  senior police officers should be enough to be worried about let alone the fact that cops really do not know their bosses and anyone in an appropriate uniform could pass for the commissioner of police.

And then the case of the cops that were being fired by this fake commissioner. I find it impossibly hard to swallow how oblivious of the pecking order they were. And where is the real assistant commissioner anyway because I assume the post exists?

This is embarrassing an several levels least of which being the sheer amount of time this has been going on. A day or a week would be acceptable but 2 years? Are the junior cops that scared of their superiors that anyone with senior ranking uniform is unquestioned?

Wonder what Kimaiyo will do about this.

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