Laughing at the struggling populace

Watching the news over the past year or so has been a generally unpleasant affair with al the antics that politicians and hangers on are up to. Be it murder, infidelity, grand corruption and a slew of depressing stories emanating from hospitals and police cells, there is little to be happy about.

Of all these “breaking news stories” the worst involve supposedly humorous news bits featuring suffering citizens that are painted as ignorant beyond help. Case in point is one Jane Anyango a mother of 6 that lives on the expansive Kano plains to the west of Kenya.

Jane has had her house flooded with such regularity every year that as soon as River Nyando bursts its banks Citizen TV immediately seek her out to hear how many chickens she has lost this time and whether she can trace her children.

Her footage asking for the government’s help has become the fodder for humor segments  for the better part of the year. Former President Kibaki regularly dismissed poor people asking for help throwing the request back at them asking them what they would help the govenment with.

Coming from the highest office in the land, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that small business owners are treated like a crap heap outside state house. Just avoid it and try push it further down the road for the next government to deal with. Lets not even get started on IDPs who are still in tattered tents while the presidential motorcade could buy more land than is needed.

The despise is evident especially considering government policies and actions that have never been pro-poor. No notable subsidies with former Minister Njeru Githae suggesting that starving guys can easily eat rats. He did not say whether he and his family would be joining the rat fest though.

Its rather baffling where this attitude came from what with our super hyped ubuntu philosophy and what not. Some of it is still intact but I suppose we took to capitalism too hard too fast.  The new tax law recently passed also decided VAT is back on just about everything.

I don’t like it because nobody likes taxes but I don’t necessarily oppose it. My problem is with how my taxes are spent. Ideally the populace should have significant input into deciding how taxes are spent aside from participation of parliament which seems to have degenerated to an insipid club of crass talking overpaid goons and goonettes.

The gap that is going to be increased by this new law between the rich and the poor is only going to be made worse.

We need more cheerful news.


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Sex and Violence

We are a funny people.

Blood and gore is consumed with relish. In fact the more gruesome  or horrific the scene the better we are at point at it telling our children to learn a lesson from that be it no driving while tipsy or why the neighbours next door are not to be trusted.

A sex scene shows up however and we all act like prudish virgins. As a matter of the survival of the human race, I would think sex whether for practical or pleasure purposes ranks a bit higher than decapitating a man in a show of glory. Most of our entertainment centers on extreme violence. Dont believe me? Imagine if Tom and Jerry were actual living beings.

The so-called slapstick comedy is veiled violence. And it is directed at the weak.

We glorify violence and oppression and shun the art forms that use sexuality , a natural extension to our existence.

I used to be very uncomfortable with the breakfast show hosted by Maina Kageni and Churchill Ndambuki on Classic 105 due to the lewd topics discussed. I Imagined mothers commuting to work or taking their children to school would be shifting in their seats especially when the kids start asking tough questions. I have started asking myself why I am uncomfortable anyway.  This was further  fanned by the Mutula-Miniskirt fiasco. Lemme digress and wonder when we became so short-sighted or long-nosed. Before we were colonised (Thank the British) We happily walked around half or rather 3/4 naked. Seeing a naked pair of boobs was as eventful as the sun rising. Am pretty sure girls back then loved showing off their legs as much as they do now. And quite frankly it’s not that bad a sight.

To nearly choke at the suggestion that maybe the striking girls have a point is hypocrisy of a level not seen since the last presidential candidate called himself a servant of the people. Making them wear maternity gowns will not reduce their need to feel desired. Tempering the fashion makes more sense. Have the skirts not cross the knees. I think that’s agreeable.

Anyhoo society hasn’t always been like this. It seems to be a wave that comes and goes. There were societies in the ancient past that were way more liberal including parts of Rome, Japan and Victorian England. Though to be honest there were copious amounts of violence during the same period and some of it can be attributed to scorned lovers and what not.

Maybe this is why the idea controlling the sexual interactions of the society was adopted in order to reduce the emotional roller coasters that easily jumped the rail into bloodletting. But everything has its time and if some societies are to be seriously studied, some things need to be let go. When the two are combined such that the violence is directed at sexuality then this crosses over to abuse.

Yesterday there was a feature on NTV on the continued practice of female Genital Mutilation that is still carried out in some parts of the country. I was horrified. Granted most of the guys I know have been mutilated in much the same way but dare I say it kinda makes sense for  males. It has medical and aesthetic qualities. Not so much for females. It is purely for the husbands enjoyment and the woman’s suffer-age.

I am particularly happy that the gay community is beginning to stand up for themselves and receiving support from all over including from POTUS.

Times are changing. Are you?

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