Miley Cyrus:WTF??

If you think that what social media is talking about the most is earth shattering stuff I am afraid you need to log off right now. Most of the content in social media involves supposedly cute cats and assorted cute things right next to females showing off their behinds. Distributing this content has built multi billion dollar corporations that have more money than the US government and are richer than Kenya.

Miley Cyrus is a former child star bred in the Disney universe of cute princesses and catchy songs. She had all the makings of brilliant success in the path of Beyonce where her maturing sexuality could have translated to millions of dollars if manicured properly. She instead decided to go the britney spears way and destroy every little girls heart and pulverise her role model status. That is unless your role model is a tongue hanging, crass talking undressed crazy acting person.

Her performance in the VMAs this week left me with grimace¬†the entire period. I couldn’t believe the cute girl shaved her hair, put on the atrocious outfit and attempted to twerk. I mean has she seen her competition? Even the dancers next to her were light years ahead of her in the voluptuousness scale.

Some suggest that it is a diabolical plot by her handlers to shatter the psyche of her fans in a grand plot to show young girls everywhere that they will amount to nothing. I think it only goes to help the jealous girls justify why they hated on her in the first place. Generally, women don’t like women.

Others suggest that this is her way of breaking into the bad girl persona like Rihanna that has made her into an idol for her fans. This is actually more plausible though I wonder why it had to be so crass to get this effect. Another school of thought actually turns this into a racist issue. I kid you not. Something to do with being surrounded by voluptuous black women with bears strapped to their back. I wonder how these guys come up with these things. Then again you should see the analysis that olympics opening ceremonies go through. It just fires up your conspiracy theories mostly because half the time you don’t¬†understand wtf is going on.

Anyhoo that was a very uncomfortable performance for me and I tend to be more of the liberal type. She will probably sell more records now though.

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