Zuku Triple play

So finally the guys at Zuku decided to let the cable cross into my neighborhood with their triple play service. Being the kimbelembele I am we are the first to have it installed. So Friday morning the guys show up all smiling and promising heaven. Installation was a breeze, took like 3 hrs only to find out they hadn’t spliced the fiber from the gate. I was getting late for work so I left hoping that they would resolve that maneno before I came back to the house. This was sorted in the evening and I was ready to ride the Zuku wave. The TV offerings are nice with many channels that cover all sorts of things from fashion to nature. I took the basic package and so I am rather limited but so far so good. May as well upgrade to the premium next month.

I must say the level of customer service and attention afforded by all I have dealt with so far has been outstanding starting from Rita the sales lady to Martin the installer guy. They are all young guys my age so maybe thats why.

Here are a couple of pics of the modem etc.




All in all for the price, getting Digital TV, a phone line and internet in one package is pretty awesome.

I would recommend it to all the digital slaves out there.


Recently upgraded from the base package to the premium package comprising of 80+ tv channels though most are things I never watch anyway and 8Mbps internet. I must say from the flack I have been hearing about zuku internet on internet forums I expected a horrible experience but I have had a pretty good time with the connection. I average bout 400kbps on a heavy download which is reasonable seeing as they gave me a fairly conspicuous FUP disclaimer. And this costs only an extra 1000 bob. Pretty sweet deal if they are going to maintain this for the coming months.

And the premium package also comes with a HD decoder. Not very useful for me and the old tv in the house but those with TVs that act like a wall this is a steal.

Safaricom unlimited Wimax

Safaricom it turns out won’t call the governments bluff and have launched a service offering where residential consumers get unlimited wimax coverage for 6,000/- bob a month.

I am not sure what speeds are guaranteed or whether there are any setup fees. . . .

this will at least see them dump some of that excess bandwidth they have been holding in the undersea fibre optic cables(seacom and TEAMS). . . .

this is good news by any measure and is most welcome though its sad the government had to growl for them to act. . . Safaricom seem to have an issue with bowing to public pressure and lowering prices . . may come back to bite them in the ar**. . . .

September ’10 Update: Safaricom have broadened their offering and are now offering unlimited Broadband @ 3,999 bob for a 512 kbs connection. No installation costs or equipment fees. Am not too sure but I suppose they will want to tie you to a nice contract to make sure you pay up each month.

Safaricoms latest Wimax Offer