Just over 6 months ago, I got a shout out from one Melissa Balan a 22 year old Graduate living in New York with an interest in making a documentary.

The idea of the documentary (As I understood it anyway) is to show or explore the connections made possible by technology and how these can be used or are helping the betterment of society. We live in a society that is hyper connected now even in the so called 3rd world and it has led to the proliferation of ideas, tastes, traditions and essentially the crafting of a global culture. Thousands of miles over land,sea, mountains and a plethora of other obstacles are reduced to nothing and people are connected in an instant.

The premise of the documentary will be to follow 5 young guys/guyettes from around the globe as they show their life and embarking on a transition be it graduating, moving to a new town/city etc and showing how this affects their outlook,the influence of their culture, dreams aspirations and their world view.

Clearly I wasn’t going to say no to that and consequently dived in faster than I could say frozen yoghurt!

Over the following months copious emails were exchanged between yours truly and Melissa culminating in a terribly amateur self interview that after extensive editing and videoshopping (I hope there is such a term) wound up on the trailer for the Sanskriti Documentary below. Oh and by the way Sanskriti is a Sanskrit word for “Culture”

More info about the Documentary can be found here.


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