Ubuntu Phone

So Ubuntu, arguably the most popular Linux desktop OS out there has decided to jump into the mobile space.

Quite frankly  I think they took too long and it may just be too late. The problem is that we don’t have products anymore. An OS is not a product. Its an ecosystem. You need to have a large population of users, developers and manufacturers willing to bet on your system for future profit.

Windows had the biggest first mover advantage but they clearly botched it up and if their recent spending on R&D is anything to go by, they are not going to make that mistake again. The linux world has suffered from fragmentation and nonsensical duplication of features, code and effort. Why we have over 100  distributions(versions) of linux OS. Ubuntu itself is a modification of the Debian distribution and  Mark Shuttleworth probably wanted more control in the direction the OS takes hence the offshoot but nonetheless there is a lot of waste around.

That being said, the Ubuntu Phone is late to the party but it just might be the show stopper especially if they figure out how to run android apps. Also if the development and upgrade cycle is maintained for the phone ecosystem like it is on the desktop, then many (Technical) users would move if only for the frequent updates. It tends to make you feel like you are being taken care off.

Well I personally cant wait for the first phones to show up. Will definitely be on the line in wait only if the price is right.


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