Ideos Custom Roms

I am the proud owner of a Huawei ideos device that has been rocking my world for damn near 5 months now. I got it for a song not even at the retail price. Holla at the Kikuyu in me.

Being adventurous as I am I wasted no time rooting the thing and shopping around for a custom rom.

Now for the uninitiated, a custom rom is a customized OS for your phone. Think of  it like the way you buy a laptop with windows XP on it.  Now if you format the laptop and put a different system say windows 7 or linux then you may say you have put a custom OS. Flashing a custom rom is something close to this only that there is nothing official about it like Windows or Ubuntu. They are made primarily by volunteer hackers who just love tinkering with stuff. And fellows like me love people like that.

So where was I?

Right. Lucky for me there are several options for wannabee hackers like me who want to rock the coolest in new shiny software. Here are the options I tried out.


This is by the good guys at Ideos Dev Team It is a port from the cyanogenmod 7 project over at Cyanogenmod

It is a stable release based on the Gingerbread flavour  but the wifi feature has issues, there is no usb tethering and  no fm radio.


this one is mainly based on the XDA forums and is about to stop being actively developed but is pretty stable itself. It is based on the stock froyo that comes with the ideos but with added functionality.


There are others like Dronix 4.0 but I havent bothered to install any other.

Currently running FusionIdeos and couldn’t be happier.

Procedures for rooting, flashing recovery etc are your homework.