Unlimited Internet : Here we go again

It has become a fad of late for telecom companies to offer or rather appear to offer unlimited Internet suites to its clients.

Orange Kenya has had an unlimited Internet offer on its 3G+ platform for a while now and it more or less worked as advertised. You pay 990 bob and you get unlimited Internet for a week on limited speeds maxing out at about 512kbps. This varied with time of day, no. Of users etc but was more or less reliable and you knew what you were getting.

Safaricom not wanting to be left behind on the unlimited internet bandwagon launched theirs with almost identical terms but a more stable speed expectation. Yu and Airtel have similar programmes but they are still on EDGE so they don’t count for this post.

Orange launched ‘proper’ 3G recently and with it expectations that finally the 3G dog fight between the two behemoths was finally hear. I bought enough popcorn for a month anticipating the media battle, the offers and counter offers. Alas none of that happened but I still expected something awesome from camp Orange.

I’ve got to tel you something at this point. I love Orange. There is something about the name, the colours, the advertising and the overall feel to the brand that draws me in keeps me locked. Which is why I bitch a lot about them. If your partner or lover doesn’t rant about you then hamna mapenzi humo. They will just walk out or they are just bidding their time. And to prove my love for the brand this post was uploaded on an orange connection.

So today they launched an unlimited offer on their 3G platform. You can see more here. Problem with this is that it is misleading.

Unlimited burdened with a fair use policy is like saying dead but kinda alive. Unlimited is an absolute. You can’t have conditions. The plans offer you true 3G speeds . . .to a maximum of 1gb usage thereafter you crawl along at 64kbps. 64kbps !! That’s even slow on my phone. And we have 2 active fibre connections and more coming. 64kbps.

Safaricom offer unlimited broadband capped to speeds of 512kbps from day one. And it’s truly unlimited. You can download whatsoever your heart desires. And more often than not you will hit these speeds.

Orange are letting me down. They have a superior network as far as I can tell but they don’t seem to want to use it to their advantage.

Iko nini?

Turns out the guys at Tech Mtaa have gotten Orange to raise the FUP
rate to 256 kbps. Let’s see how it plays out.

Broadband over power lines


Had seen this one time back but was immediately distracted by a skirt wearer in the vicinity and only just seen an article that revived everything.
Now am just wondering now that kplc has all this dark fibre lying around on their masts why aren’t they trying out this stuff? After all we are the worlds guinea pig for all things new and untested (Alvaro and M-pesa) and we have shown a knack of making things work with our peculiar habits.
Now why not throw in broadband from your socket in the works? After all we don’t use ham radios and such like things which are the reason this hasn’t caught up in the states?
This would so totally rock such that I have no idea where to start with the advantages. First Every single house with power from the national grid would automatically have the fastest broadband speeds immediately.
We can worry about latency and the noise on the signal layer.  The excuse about internet penetration and use in ease of doing business and enriching lives would leave infrastructure issues and rest firmly on Content creation. Kenya Power could easily double their profits by leasing their lines to the highest bidder who is given a particular area. Hell even allow providers to bid at the transformer level. Highest wins.
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Safaricom unlimited Wimax

Safaricom it turns out won’t call the governments bluff and have launched a service offering where residential consumers get unlimited wimax coverage for 6,000/- bob a month.

I am not sure what speeds are guaranteed or whether there are any setup fees. . . .

this will at least see them dump some of that excess bandwidth they have been holding in the undersea fibre optic cables(seacom and TEAMS). . . .

this is good news by any measure and is most welcome though its sad the government had to growl for them to act. . . Safaricom seem to have an issue with bowing to public pressure and lowering prices . . may come back to bite them in the ar**. . . .

September ’10 Update: Safaricom have broadened their offering and are now offering unlimited Broadband @ 3,999 bob for a 512 kbs connection. No installation costs or equipment fees. Am not too sure but I suppose they will want to tie you to a nice contract to make sure you pay up each month.

Safaricoms latest Wimax Offer