Battleship the Movie

If there was ever a disappointing flick after the hype that came before it has to be Battleship 

Horrible plot points, moronic logic and a waste of the hard disk space on my machine. Not to mention wasting 2hrs of my life. The thing is an attempt at displaying the bravado of the US military and somehow the inherent reformist nature  that the armed forces instills in you when faced with life and death situations.


So the premise is that we sent a message into deep space at a planetary system we believe may harbor life and sure enough a bunch of alien craft decide to pay us a visit right in the middle of an international naval exercise. First of all their timing is perfect but their subsequent actions make little sense. They create a force field for miles around themselves and retaliate whenever attacked but for some reason do not finish off all the other military equipment within the force field and let them sail around strategizing how to destroy the new enemy.


The logic is moronic and making sense is a bit important for me. Or maybe I am just not the demographic that was targeted. Felt more like it was targeted at American high-school goers with the competitive sports, petty rivalry and attempts to impress the pretty girl.

Would NOT recommend for anyone.

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