Avengers 2012

Finally my Ushamba has been reset.

IMAX is really the only way to watch anything. Even soap operas should be shown in IMAX 3D.

But who sells popcorn at 150 bob and soda for 150 bob? Daylight/night-time/lunar-eclipse robbery! Team Uchumi stopover is bound to get mad recruits.

I really really thought Avengers was going to suck but was gladly surprised that it rocked to the end. It was well paced and loved everyones perfomance especially my man-crush Robert Downey Jr followed by Hulk. By the way that guy is just too much awesomeness in one. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a green unstoppable monster?

The rest of the post is a spoiler so stop reading if you havent watched.

Best scene was obviously Loki being smashed around by Hulk. I still laugh when I remember. The best 3D scene has to be the bit where Scarlett is being chased by Hulk in the Airship.

Best Dialog is definitively from Tony Stark in the forest while talking to Thor. I love that Man.

All in all I understand why They left out akina spider man and Batman. They would have been awkward and doubt they have any humor.

Now to wait for Battleship and M.I.B 3