Tablet awesomeness

I have recently gotten access to a monster of a machine at least when it comes to its price tag and am impressed so far.

The iPad 2 is a gloriously easy machine to use and much is to be expected with the kinda mulla you will shell out to own one of these babies( come to think of it this is a grown up). Just about everything advertised about it works as well as you expect it to and I now understand why apple fanboys exist. It is sleek, light, and holds charge for longer than it will take kplc to screw you.

I believe the guy who said the apple guys are really obsessed with user experience. It is said android gadget makers are obsessed with the gadget itself what with the manufacturers competing who’s contraption is more complex, has the most rediculously intimidating name and annoying as hell to use with next to no regard to Agatha who just wants to take pretty pictures and put them on Facebook. The apple guys on the other hand don’t bother to include bluetooth file transfer coz lets face it, that protocol is bloody slow and will turn any smile into a scowl. Scowls are not good for business and Apple know that.

It is said that touching the screen reprioritizes the processor to focus on whatever it is your finger wants done. That makes for awesome user experience. Android on the other hand will do no such thing and will proceed with downloading some obscure update that you didn’t want anyway and thus turn your tablet/phone into a sloth.

Just finished updating the pad and can’t say it was a pain but the update download was 750mb. Thank the heavens campus net is on steroids and offline updating is possible.

Mission 2012 is to get a nice ice cream sandwich based tablet.

What’s your plan?

  • The Ipad is a great machine but I think you’re being unfair to android. It just needs a little time and love and you get an even better gadget. And apple disabled Bluetooth support so that guys wouldn’t ‘share’ music bought from its iTunes store.

    • Mark Mwangi

      I don’t think sharing music was that big a deal. Even on nokias it’s impossible to share drm protected music via Bluetooth but there may be some truth in that. I also think they do that so as to push people to create/download/buy content as opposed to sharing it.

  • I own an iPod Touch 3G and, while I appreciate the fact that it “just works,” I hate the walled garden. The fact that Apple tells me what I can and cannot do with my hardware. Grrr.

    I’ve been lucky that all the Android devices I’ve ever bought have had unlocked bootloaders (never owned an HTC or Motorola, bastards!). Flash any kernel you’d like. Root it. Erase the system partition, etc. ;). Also, the Android environment is easier to tweak due to the source being open. I’m not an Android fanboy by any means, but it is a nicer place to be I think.

    btw, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. It’s a bit expensive in Kenya, but whatever. The hardware’s amazing, and there will be software support for it for years to come (either official or unofficial, due to the existence of open-source CPU and GPU drivers for its hardware). It’s still on Honeycomb… I can’t wait to unleash Ice Cream Sandwich on it.


    • Mark Mwangi

      Ipod touch 3G? aint that an iPhone? not a fan of the form factor of the 7 inch tablets, feels like an oversized phone or an underdeveloped tablet. . but I agree with the walled garden crap by Apple. its like its designed for babies. Anyhoo they have user experience locked own, cant bash them on that. Cool stuff you are doing though!