Ship Ship Ship!

I have just discovered the reason why all my downloads and internet biashara has been so damn slow on my laptop connecting to the University network. The inbuilt ufw firewall on ubuntu 11.10 strangles the connection to a trickle by default. I suppose that is fair to a neurotic paranoid evil genius but I just want to watch youtube damnit. It is now turned off. For good. Its not like I have mission critical anything on the old bucket anyway.

Aaanyhooo I have become a fan of Seth Godin of late and am pretty sure I should stop being a fan and actually follow his advise(Damn lizard brain). He tends to advocate for people to ship first and fast and fix problems on the go. Being a marketer, he sure sounds like an engineer. Same thing is repeated by Mark, the Facebook dood.

I think as inventors or simple workers we are afraid of presenting a product or service with gaping holes in it. Granted that is a reasonable fear since a product that totally doesn’t work is not a product.  We should still endeavor to deliver. . something rather than tell the client to wait for nirvana in a weeks time.

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