Schooling Kenya style

You gotta hand it to them. Our educationists have either totally lost it or are aspiring politicians who didn’t quite measure up ambition wise. .  A few days ago, Musau Ndunda, the guy in charge of parents of school goers (oh yes such a body exists) literally called every school going kid a rascal that should spend as little time at home as possible seeing as they are destructive,wayward, undisciplined e.t.c You would almost think it is the teachers jobs to raise the said rascals and I am yet to find a mother that can’t stand her kids prancing around the house. Well most will remain at home anyway seeing as over 200,000 K.C.P.E graduates are not getting a place in the secondary schools.

Granted a long break will render some students into illiterates by the time they come back and trying to keep your kids busy and out of mischief while still trying to raise their fees is not a walk in the park for the parents, I think we should try it out.

As if being unwanted at home is not enough, the number of books you need to get into class one are more than I use in my Engineering survey class. Whatever happened to hand painting and making Plasticine figures of your classmates? And then there is the not so random chance that some randy middle-aged doofus will attempt to and most likely succeed in molesting you.

Being a kid nowadays is hard work!

  • Sienna

    I’m seriously considering home schooling my toi so she can paint and play all she wants.

  • Mark Mwangi

    Wouldn’t blame you either. These kids are overworked and for what? some fancy grades and the kid is left damaged for life. Thank heavens we didn’t go through all that. .