Samsung Galaxy Pocket Custom ROM

Having been bored to the core by the constant hanging, crashing and general nausea of the stock OS on this thing. I figured the custom roms would not be any worse. I mean if your nagging wife is replaced by a nagging BUT hot girlfriend, its a trade right?  No?

Anyhoo I set out to right this universal wrong on Mwangikind (am working on a copyright) I shopped around the only place anyone with an android phone should go with OS issues, XDA . I figured someone else with more skill, time or resources than me would have built a custom ROM for the damn thing already.

Sure enough, there are several ROMS including Mak-droidJellyMod, and Repencis

I went with JellyMod and at first had issues with the deodexing manenos but I managed.

Here are some screenshots.

What surprised me was the stability of the ROMS which are generally worked on by hobbyist developers and rarely attract financial benefits for their makers.

The ROMs are based on the stock roms so they still run on Gingerbread. I have however seen a significant bump in responsiveness, stability and general awesomeness. Cant wait for an ICS based phone!


Here is a useful PDF I found on the inter-webs that should greatly aid in rooting your Galaxy pocket or related Samsung android phones Universal  Gingerbread Root & Unroot 2.3.3 – 2.3.7+

And here is the Deodex File I used. Also downloaded from a site I cannot remember now.

Happy rooting and custom ROMing!


  • Kevin Kaiguara

    Hey Mwangi. How is the Custom ROM for your Galaxy Pocket working out?? Do you still have it installed??

    • Yea I still have it installed and it is perfect for me so far. I have even removed most of the samsung bloatware that eats up the battery so battery life is much improved. try it out.

  • what is the procedure for installing jellymod?

  • Taimoor

    please provide links here..
    XDA have removed the TOPIC :/

    • The links still work on XDA please try again

  • Please help me.. I don’t know how to deodex and the links to the Jellymod no longer work. Please guide me on how to Deodex..
    Many Thanks

    • Mark Mwangi

      To deodex just flash the deodex file just like you flash the rom. So you flash the deodex first then you flash the ROM.

      The deodex files can be found somewhere in those links. Let me dig around and find them for you.

    • I have updated the post. You will find the links at the end of the post.

  • Gatilaras

    Trouble,i have jelly mod and it works fine except when i press power button to lock screen goes white and doesn’t turn off.In first i believed that rom crashed but it was ok.

    • I have not been able to reproduce that error but I would try and flash the ROM again and try see if it is resolved.

  • kirinyaga bwoy

    hey mark, have you tried the mak-droid v3 rom? ive been using it for over a month now en its awesome.en also been trying to change status bar icons with this ninja morph app with little success so i was wondering if you can look at it en maybe we can pull something. thanks

    • No I nolonger use the galaxy pocket so experiment away! am on the Gtide E7.

  • Taher Noorani

    Awsome stuff u gor here!!! 🙂 M trying out mak-droid…

  • To return the stock ROM, go to this site and find the ROM for the galaxy pocket. You can then flash the same way you flashed the custom Roms.

  • Thomson Mkumbadzala

    I am using jerryMod v1.5 and it messed up my Mass Storage, my pc no longer detect it. I love this rom but i dont have a choice i got to downgrade to v1. Thanks to you. Here is the link to other galaxy pocket roms