Safaricom unlimited Wimax

Safaricom it turns out won’t call the governments bluff and have launched a service offering where residential consumers get unlimited wimax coverage for 6,000/- bob a month.

I am not sure what speeds are guaranteed or whether there are any setup fees. . . .

this will at least see them dump some of that excess bandwidth they have been holding in the undersea fibre optic cables(seacom and TEAMS). . . .

this is good news by any measure and is most welcome though its sad the government had to growl for them to act. . . Safaricom seem to have an issue with bowing to public pressure and lowering prices . . may come back to bite them in the ar**. . . .

September ’10 Update: Safaricom have broadened their offering and are now offering unlimited Broadband @ 3,999 bob for a 512 kbs connection. No installation costs or equipment fees. Am not too sure but I suppose they will want to tie you to a nice contract to make sure you pay up each month.

Safaricoms latest Wimax Offer

  • Mital

    Thanks for the information… this doesn’t seem advertised much anywhere else. Here are the rates after I emailed them:

    Capacity Price (inclusive of VAT)
    512Kbps – 3,999/=

    1Mbps – 5,999/= [Free Domain & Web Hosting]

    2Mbps – 6,999/= [Free Domain & Web Hosting]

  • mwangy

    thanks for the update Mital. Am guessing the installation costs and equipment fees are covered by Safaricom? and is it all on wimax even the 2mbps?

  • kamauadvocate

    Really, wow ! this is all too much to handle!
    I been working on something on Wimax for WAN with them and they’ve not mentioned a thing.
    How guaranteed and dedicated is it ?
    How come its not well advertised ?
    And how come only residential not SME – Si pesa ni pesa? Its like like they targetting rich but light users, like [email protected]
    What modem/router gadgets do they have for LAN connection?
    Is it availble outside Nairobi? (ie wherever their Wimax base stations are?)
    Ps answer quick ? Who can we talk to there ?
    Ps call or Send contact to 0770-184786

    Cheers !

  • mwangy

    Hi Kamau talk to this guy, Anthony Njogu
    they have the full range of products for SME’s residential etc. Depending on the SLA you work out with them. I assume they give you a wimax radio, cabling for your premises and maybe router if its a business. am told contention ratio is strictly 1:8 or something like that. its allover the country subject to availability.

  • david10

    hy thanks for the this service available in the rural areas.ama it only in nairobi

    • mwangy

      yes its available. Just talk to safaricom people and they will sort you.

  • Sure the service is there ask Kabogo in Safaricom hse westlands I have taken the 2mbps and it is waw

    • victor

      Hey Jimmy… been trying to get in contact with the wimax guys at safcom. no one is picking 0722004099, and the support line [0722002222] endlessly plays some pre-recorded audio. DO you have any numbers I can use to get directly in contact with these guys?

  • Richard Njoro

    Hey they, I am using a wixmax connection of 2mbs, but to may surprise it slow that what I had before when using a modem, but the cost is quite manageable. I am requesting what is the equivalent of a 3g modem or router when it come to speed. Which connection should one apply.

    • mwangy

      It is slower than the 3g modem? That is a problem with their setup or your machine because the 2mbps is almost dedicated since the contention ratio (how many users use the same BTS station) is well managed from what am told. Have a talk with the customer care and they will sort you out.

  • Jimmy Marrie

    The Safaricom Guy who will assist you Victor is Called Frank Kabogo and I am sure he will sort you out on 0722 575 110

  • steve

    is this wimax available in siaya

  • andrew

    safaricom wimax looks good but very unpredictable,I changed to tangerine works very well,and they is no downtime,although they are abit more expensive,you call talk to one of their salesperson Munene at 0720576518

    Get high-speed Broadband internet for your home
    Get a super-fast broadband connection of upto 2MBps from just Kshs. 3,999 per month!
    • Easily supports four machines or more. ( No buffering when streaming videos )
    • 512kbps package costs only Ksh 3,999 per month.
    • Service up and running withing three days of signing up.

    Other vendors
    • Wanainchi 128kbps wimax connection ksh 6000 per month
    • Access Kenya 4,600 for a 128k day time/256k night time/512k weekends wimax line,
    • KDN 128kbps Wimax connection Ksh 6000 per month

    For more information call
    Geoffrey K
    Office Cell: +254 724 441938


      I own a CYBERCAFE ,somewhere in remote place ( NYAHURURU)

      1. Is there an initial fee or installation fee
      2. How long does it take for your installation
      3. Is it accessible in remote places
      4. In your above explanation the Ksh 3900 per month what does it gives back ,is it the 2MBps or 512KBps because in your explanation above it seems not clearer.

      • mwangy

        look at the comment above I believe he is a dealer and would have updated info about its availability and pricing structure. . .

  • kar

    how comes am paying 7000 per month for safaricom wimax per month for 256 kbps? my installation was done mid 2010

    • mwangy

      That is a rippoff talk to your installer or safaricom business crew

      • musembi

        ok. your paying for the internet service my dear. what do you expect. son of a bitch

    • Jeff

      the pricing is as follows:
      For 2Mbps you pay 7000/= per month and for 1Mbps you pay 6000/= per month. The contention ratio is 1:8
      You can upgrade or downgrade the package anytime all you need to do is just make a request to a safaricom wimax agent or go to any of the safaricom retail centers

  • mychal muathe

    This is expensive why pay 6 – 7k a month when you can get 3 times the speed with the newly launched orange 3G network?

  • Jeff

    Could you please write that properly? It is 2Mbps and not 2 MBps. Megabits per Second not Megabytes per second.

    • Jeff

      Generally – Bits are used to talk about data transfer rates (1 kilobit = 1000 bits), while bytes are used to talk about storage size calculations (1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes). So when your Internet provider offers you a 1Mb connection, its megaBits not MegaBytes. So for a rough guide of how MUCH you can download, divide by eight. i.e. 1Mb speed = 128KB of data.