Repo men

I watched this movie last night and the morbidity of the story was too artistic for me not to write about it. . . For those who ave not watched the flick, it is set in the future where the mortgage industry has decided to diversify into the Human Organ industry. Your organs start failing and cant pay the full price for a replacement? No problem here have one and sign on the dotted line. Payment options are flexible. So if you fall back on your payments, the company comes and takes its property back. A set of ‘reposessors’ (Repo men) take care of the dirty work and turn the company a tidy profit in return for a commission.

Anyhoo the idea that commercial entities could someday have such control over the population is quite simply horrific. But we see it starting slowly and surely today. . .Just about everyone of us has a Facebook account , a twitter account and the telco companies can pinpoint our location at any time of day or night own to meter accuracy.


Add to that the passports with chips in them and the privately run american prison system and we have ourselves a rough picture of what our future holds. . 

But all is not gloom and doom. More and more people have access to education and related resources and thus blatant lies are getting harder and harder to sell. .. maybe some day we will reach a singularity where all the worlds information is available to everyone universally. The internet is evolving in that direction. Or an asteroid may wipe us out next week and leave cockroaches as the new rulers of the planet. 

Either way all predictions of the future in movies and series and books paint a catastrophic, difficult, destroyed or invaded future. Its like all directors and authors are sadists. Or maybe they see something we dont.  All the same I would like to see a future themed movie full of bunnies and open fields full of dandelions for a change.