Relationships are funny things. Thats maybe why am still not in one (or so I tell myself). Funny or not they are necessary and without them nothing makes sense. Am not talking about exclusively romantic relationships but generally relations between humans be it with family, colleagues or superiors. 

The only difference in the future between you and the guy seated next to you in that class or planted in the next booth at your work place is the quality  and quantity of relationships he has with peers, potential employers and how he/she navigates the society.  Its how nobodies become powerful and some of those born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths wind up selling Waru's in City market. as a testament to the weirdness that surrounds the phenomena of human relations, countless movies have been shot depicting Aliens baffled by the attachment humans have for each other. most consider it a weakness that will lead mankind to its downfall while other extraterrestrials deem it our only strength. All of this is fiction of course but such works of art clearly show even movie directors mull over the same thing I do. 

There really is no sure method designed to ensure a perfect relationship with everyone around you and any attempt to be a goody two shoes is bound to fail miserably like Kiraitu Muriungi's jokes. . . all there is is to try your best and remember your options. You always have options . . always.