This is the crappiest movie I have watched this year.

The incoherence, total lack of making sense and lack of depth is so annoying am surprised I finished it.

It starts off Awesome like any other sci-fi flick promising awesome insight into scientific topics and get some ignorance eradicated in the process.

And then it decides to abandon all science.

*Spoiler Alert*

The premise is that some ancient alien civilization visited earth thousands of years ago amongst varying civilizations and time periods. They came did their thing and all seemed to point out a star system where it is believed they came from. So a bunch of  enterprising Americans built a ship and shot for the weird constellation ofcourse.  2 years later they show up at the destination and proceed to explore.

First of all they find a structure in record time barely 5 mins after descending into the atmosphere and proceed to set up camp. Who does that? How bout flying around first seeing the rest of the planet maybe mapping where the oceans are etc. Its like walking into a village and sitting at the first hut you see.  Maybe there are bigger fancier structures or actual colonies/higher quality relics. The only impressive  tech from the Humans was the mapping ‘pups’ aside from the cryogenics which has become rather common place in space adventures. The pups were awesome and I can see how such tech could be super useful.

Secondly that Human alien dude guy was rather rude. And why is he portrayed like a savage murderous brute incapable of reason? I mean if thay are capable of rational thought and communication why the f*** would he bash in everyones head in without uttering a word? why were those alien guys pointing us this way if all they wanted to do was bash our heads in? Daft plot this one.

Also what was the point of the robot guy poisoning the doctor dude? What was that supposed to achieve? Also trying to get the chick to carry the pregnancy of the alien to term? None of that actually builds on the plot. There is no diabolical plan just incoherence.

*End of Spoiler*

The only character I liked was the captain’s played by Idris Elba. The scene where he solicits the boss was the only part of the flick that barely saved the horrid plot.

This movie is allover the place. We are shown advanced technology but wonder why the only living being that is woken up acts like a barbarian. And why target one random planet where they started life in the first place? And turns out its a prequel for the Aliens movie franchise if the closing scene is anything to go by.

This movie sucks.

  • Arthur

    You are right on point with this one

  • Wyda

    kwani ulishikiwa bunduki kwa kichwa uiwatch? Wewe umetoa movies ngapi?

  • First of all i’d like to point out it’s not a prequel to the Alien franchise, it’s the start of a whole new franchise. I do agree when you said how they stumbled upon the Engineers structures so quickly.The reason Dave poisoned the scientist was because he told Wayland there were no more Engineers, so he told him to “try harder” after knowing the Goo created a new form of life he approached the Scientist and asked him “what would you do, to get what you came all this way for” something along those lines and he responded “anything and everything” almost like Dave twisted him into saying what he wanted him to say and thus giving him permission to do anything and everything that Wayland came here for, Dave then said “that sounds like something worth drinking for” and poisoned him with the goo. The reason he wanted to keep the other Scientists alien/baby was probably the same reason the Robot from the original alien did, to take it back to earth for study, he may have been programmed to do this in case they came upon a life form. the Engineer killed them because they hated humans possibly for killing Jesus Christ because he was theorized as being an engineer, in the deleted scenes and the extended version he does talk and it’s something along the lines of “why did you come here?” then he wayland asks to live forever and he says “what pathetic creatures you have turned out to be, who are you to ask me of this?” wasn’t sure if it was interpreted right, but anyway my theory and a couple of others have put together is that the Engineers created humans as possibly an experiment and they revisited humans in different civilizations to possibly guide them in a direction they want, to possibly use them for something. It is also said that the black goo they created to “transform” all life on earth as a means of using them as a weapon after dumping the urns on Earth, but i think the reason they pointed humans in the direction of that constellation is to “invite” them to go to Zeta 2 Reticuli then wake the Engineer is to show that the humans are now capable of space travel, thus causing the engineer to travel to earth and destroy them. However 2 thousand year before the events of Prometheus they were in the process of leaving (coincidentally when jesus was killed) but they had an outbreak, so until the outbreak they were planning to go to earth straight away but perhaps chose to wait until humans got there first to tell them they capable of space travel, but then that makes you wonder where the rest of their civilizations went and what happened. I could be wrong on some things but this is the theory and ideas i have put together after analyzing the movie, i guess we will just have to wait until the sequel comes out.

    • Interesting analysis Kimberly. I havent watched the extended version or deleted scenes but the allusion to a connection to Jesus Christ is kinda pushing it no?

      I still do not get why the Engineers would direct Humans to a military outpost full of toxic bioagents and proceed to attempt to destroy human civilization at the first chance yet they created us in the first place. Unless it is an experiment to show how fast space faring civilizations could develop from first principles and proceed to destroy them immediately they get to that level of technology. Or they could be using humans as some sort of host for their weapons. That makes more sense.

      All am saying is that the holes in the plot are rather gaping or they could have done a better job of making it more streamlined.

      Ok maybe it isn’t an Aliens prequel but an offshoot.