Sometimes we get preoccupied by the small stuff and loose the overall picture.

We imagine that our issues are monumental, earth shaking and possibly
cataclysmic and we assign alot of nervous energy trying to solve
mundane ‘problems’ . If we take a moment and think about what some of
our colleagues go through everyday, what they have been forced to see,
hear and tolerate. What they call a good day. What makes them happy,
what they aspire to aqcuire or achieve. Only then will we appreciate
that what we call problems are someone elses blessings.

The other day I watched a mother back in my hometown play with her
daughter. The way She loked at her daughter lovingly and the sheer joy
on the daughters face was priceless. the scene am sure is replicated
all across the planet and across time. Later on I watched another
little one following her mother as she strolled down the road headed
home. I couldnt help but draw a parallel to how ducklings follow their
mothers stumbling and tripping in their litle strides struggling to
keep up. it was the exact same scene. As Yvonne Awuor the Caine prize
winner said in her book, “we are all animals, Humans just build bigger

But perspective is objective. We are a sum of our experiences and
environments. What is not acceptable to me, is welcome by another. I
hear in Iceland there is no greater insult than offering your palm for
a handshake. If a billionaires son was to be given my lifestyle, he
would probably strangle himself. Its not his fault really. Same way I
cant imagine being some dude’s/dudette’s slave back in ancient Rome.
we seem oblivious of this state of affairs. . .as though we don’t get
hungry, love, cry and get rejected. we are seemingly content to put up
a glass screen between us and fellow humans as though we are made of
different stuff. as though they are incapable of intelligent thought.

It is a sad state of affairs and I believe religion plays a major role
in it. My God is the original God and yours is a fake, an idol. My
beliefs are real and yours are not. I don’t see any other sum total to
such deep seated beliefs other than conflict,discrimination and
strife. And it all boils down to politics, population control,
elitism. A bunch of rulers and the rest subjects.

So dont discriminate, dont generate hate because you are bound to get
Irate. – black-eyed peas