Plans and developments

Had wanted to write a ground breaking shattering post (at least to me anyway) on how the source of the nile had been known for years by akina Ptolemy and some other arab explorers back in kendo 54 AD , , they had a rough idea that there were two lakes (Lake Albert and Lake victoria) and some mountain range christened mountains of the moon (Ruwenzori) . Ofcourse they didnt have fancy satellites and geodetic methods to measure the exact source but they had an idea. . . 

Then I asked myself .. so what so its a dude from what was called Alexandria that had the first idea that the nile comes from two lakes according to some tale from a greek trader. . .All we are taught in our schools is a tale of Burton, Speke and Livingstone and their adventures totally ignoring the others who tried, failed and speculated. I was burning to write my research findings and laugh in the face of the European Missionaries that fancied themselves great explorers. . . More importantly, I had a bone to pick with our educationists who in their quest to kiss ass, fed us illigitimate data in the form of redacted records,wikileaks style. All this was making my hands itch for a keyboard but a shot(or 3) of Vodka brought everything into perspective.

History is important. I think it should be made compulsory from nursery to Doctorate level. . . Only from past events can we learn / predict what will happen in future .. . Anyhoo, after a long meditation, facts aligned themselves to an inevitable conclusion. Romantic /idealistic aspirations make absolutely no sense and the universe agrees with me and that is why the rich get richer and that bitch you know who screws around, has zero morals, and generally doesnt give a fuck will probably die happier than your careful self. Religion has romantisized life and society such that we all believe there is a reward at the end of all the conformation to abstract rules like lying and having sex are sin e.t.c .I wont delve into my beliefs but all I can show is the reality on the ground which is evident for everyone who watches/reads the news. 

History is important but the present is way more relevant and important. Delayed gratification is good practice but if the delay lasts all your life then my friend sense siezes to function as it is supposed to. . The process of discovery of the source of a river some 2000 years ago is rather irrelevant unless there is some direct correlation to events happenning now. 

And so the above is what i wrote instead.