Ordinary Kenyan

I have always wondered what this statement means.

I mean what constitutes normal? Hardship? Hunger? Enduring sense of hopelessness? Those with the sense that the system is taking advantage of them? Perennial rule breakers and late for everything including their weddings and funerals? 

There is nothing normal about anyone I know. We all have our eccentricities and very different economic capabilities which is the only difference that ever matters anyway. For the populace to agree to be clumped together into an amorphous mass with the unflattering label of ordinary, belittles them to the level of minions incapable of intelligent thought and analysis. This implies that they (politicians,journalists,leaders, clergy etc) are not ordinary, they subsist on different stuff, not Maize flour, they live in marble palaces not hovels next to the railway. And this difference must not escape the masses lest they forget their place. 

Such language should not be used and must actually be rejected outright.