Orange Money


Here we have a company with as much resources as anyone would need and the best they can do is play catch up.

I wanted to buy some tickets online using the PesaPal platform run by one Agosta Liko when I encountered something that caught me offguard. All the options are there from M-pesa, Yu cash,Airtel money etc including even Equity banks Eazzy 247 but no Orange money. Now I use Equity and linked it with my Orange line believing that soon enough with their Visa branded card, they would be as ubiquitous as M-pesa or atleast have a proper web presence. This in my opinion is the only frontier left as far as mobile payments are concerened. Airtel got started on an awesome note by launching the temporary MasterCard thing but did not sustain the marketing and it died faster than you can swipe. I wonder what the CEOs model their companies after. Don’t they learn anything from Apple?

Marketing should have the largest budget. This was a major scoop for Airtel and what they should have done next is constantly flog it and get it adopted by all the major e-commerce sites in the country if not the region. Get people to understand that to buy stuff online you use Airtel money. But we are in Kenya where Foreign executives think lowering call costs will cause mass exodus from rival networks.

On harassing pesapal on twitter it turns out they are patiently waiting on Orange Kenya to allow them to do it.

Like seriously? Yu announced, launched and has been operating their cash thing for years now and though I have never used it (Nor do I have an intention to) they are fully compatible. So whats up with Orange?

So now I am going to withdraw my cash from the bank, put it in mpesa and carry out my ticket purchase.

So there is no actual utility of having an Orange Money account seeing as their agent network is non-existent. I have seriously never seen any agents.

Thanks for nothing Orange.