Orange Kenya Blackberry service

I explore a lot and after I felt I had tinkered sufficiently with ye olde Ideos, I jumped on to the chance of playing with a Blackberry Storm.

This is an old device but still quite capable If i might say so. the clickable screen was a sidestep by RIM but not that big of a bother to dislike the phone. Battery life sucks though but seeing as this was their first all touch device I let it slide.

Now to properly enjoy a blackberry you need BIS(Blackberry Internet Service). Simply put you need to pay your preferred telecom network a fixed fee for a prescribed period usually a month for them to offer you a BIS plan which comes with unlimited internet and emailing on your gadget. Note this is limited to the gadget and any use on a pc as a modem attracts other charges. using regular bundles restricts you from using most of the services unique to the blackberry. On Orange I have tried using regular data bundles but for the love of me cannot get any connection even after trying several incantations of the apn settings. Other networks work flawlessly. Orange – 0 Others – 1

My preferred telecom network in this case happened to be Orange Kenya. I dutifully dug around their site and wound up with this page .


Orange Weekly DelightOrange Monthly Offer


Now these rates are rather cheap compared to barely a year before. Sending the activation text returns a sms with a link to an app download. Now how am I supposed to use the browser to download an app when I need service books and BIS to access the browser which is the only way to download apps?

This I solved by using voodoo mind tricks with hacked service books, theatrics and another networks Sim and data plan to download the app from the link provided but not really something a regular user would go through or have the technical know how to pull off. once that was ou of the way, the app itself was rather handy and lets you choose your plan, auto renewal, alleged support and a status icon.

My first two payments went down the drain as they sorted out a problem on their end that prevented the provisioning to be carried out. This was soon sorted out though and was duly registered and happily BB’ing .

All this time I was upcountry where only Safaricom rules the 3G airwaves. On my way back to the city, once I hit the vicinities of Thika I found myself unable to update anything or open any webpage. I tried every trick in the book including pulling out the battery but to no avail. Only when I switched of the 3G and force it to use edge did my BIS come back.

This is annoying. Why hype a 3G network that I can’t use? And why block it to BIS users? Is that why it’s so cheap? Because we crawl along at snail speeds?  Queries on twitter go unanswered and calling customer care is likely to make me angrier. Lemme tweet them again. .


3G still does not work but i somehow seem to have confused their computers and am now using BIS for week 3 without paying for it. Win?

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    • Mark Mwangi

      Why should i do this? I don’t use your services so I wouldn’t know how they are.

      • Paulo

        hi, I changed my APN when I was trying out my safaricom line. I cannot access my Orange Blackberry. Please check for me your APN.

        • Unfortunately I do not have an Orange Blackberry anymore. Have you tried using the app that manages the blackberry service to refresh?