Yani we stoop to new levels of daftness and exploitation every new week. Over the past day most fueling stations have been running out of fuel at just about the same time. When the government (Ministry of Energy) is asked whats going on they as usual claim to have nothing to do with it. As if they represent some territory on the moon or a patch of land on the tropics of Pluto.

This led to annoying,wasteful and totally unecessary traffic snarlups what with everyone scrambling for fuel. A crowd sourced map was put together here to direct motorists to the nearest fuel station with stock.

As explained by some guy calling himself Cold Tusker , this whole fiasco is because some speculators bought a whole lot of fuel and decided not to sell it and just let it sit in the storage that the Government product was supposed to be stored at. Now why the government would share storage with some private fellows beats me but what is more amusing is that some individuals can buy enough fuel to supply the whole country and take up all the space available.

This is my definition of daftness and our weakness in the knees and hips that inclines us to bendover and take a big fat black one up the chimney. Someone should get a bitch slap.