My take on the Israeli occupation

At the risk of getting permanently banned from Israel I will write about them and the Palestinians.

It is one of the most puzzling ‘conflicts’ of our time. watching the mainstream news networks you would think Hamas have tanks and rockets and could also possibly launch nuclear warheads at Tel Aviv. This is until you look at a map showing where the West bank and Gaza are. To think that Palestine basically occupied what is now normally called Israel just makes the jaw drop further.

I suggest you don’t listen to Benjamin Netanyahu talking about Israel’s right to exist as though they can pull a contract between the state and the neanderthals selling them the land.

There are no excuses for blowing people up in their own homes. That they have tossed a couple of rockets , which were intercepted, doesn’t mean that they deserve to have their homes destroyed.

Its quite frankly an occupational force in Palestine.

What I find rather puzzling is not what I see on the news but what I don’t see. Arab countries are very serious when it comes to protecting their values, traditions and greatest of all their religion. They had started off beautifully with the Arab league which seems to have collapsed for the most part. I suppose basing organizations on an ethnic basis is bound to fail. The UAE, Qatar, Yemen and the rest of the rich Arab nations are not doing much for Gaza or the West Bank. I am not talking military action but at-least publicly denounce these murders and maybe formally pressure the US to push Israel to back down.

The entire planet just seems content to watch in shock as the Israelis pound the Palestinians with no country willing to do anything about it. Just lots of sombre press conferences with a lot of baseless and empty rhetoric. This is puzzling to me. Its almost like there is a global voyeuristic movement that enjoys watching Arabs being killed. Please not that they are blown up in their houses not on some kind of war-front.

Another thing that is puzzling is how Hamas get missiles into their territory in the first place. The land they occupy is pitifully tiny, bordered by the sea and Israel on the rest of the side. I fail to see how you can sneak in anything of note with such a blockade still in active operation.

Strange doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of paranoia that surfaces when Israelis are questioned on their actions against the Palestinians. The universal act is that they are protecting the motherland or that they are the actual victims as they monitor their nuclear warheads.

Its rather ridiculous if you think about it. Granted I understand the maxim that the strong rule over the weak. it is however a foregone conclusion that our species prides itself in the idea that we are distinguished from the lesser forms of life by our nature of being humane and thus call ourselves Humans. This is totally ignoring that Dogs show more humanity than us and have no need for titles but I digress.

I have automatic contempt for anyone that attempts to display that they are superior to others because this is often a power play. The powerful do not need to prove their power. It will be evident. As Margaret Thatcher once said, ” If you have to tell people you have power, you don’t. ”

In Palestine, The Israelis have the power. They don’t say it and nobody admits it but everyone knows it.  Most of us complain about the unfair situation but do next to nothing about it.

This evening we drove by a lady with a stalled Vitz on Valley Road. She was surrounded by about 4 men possibly attempting to take advantage of her predicament. We drove away talking about it. Couldn’t help draw a parallel to the worlds reaction to what is happening in Gaza

  • Michael Bullut

    Seen from the outside, Israel still comports itself like an adolescent:
    consumed by a brittle confidence in its own uniqueness; certain that no
    one “understands” it and everyone is “against” it; full of wounded
    self-esteem, quick to take offense and quick to give it. Like many
    adolescents Israel is convinced – and makes a point of aggressively and
    repeatedly asserting – that it can do as it wishes, that its actions
    carry no consequences and that it is immortal.

  • Alice

    So, why didn’t you try to help the lady?

    • Alice, Lets just say i took the easiest way out. As most do. I was weak, and looked the other way. A lot like what the rest of the world is doing now vis a vis the Middle East and Central Africa.

  • Caleb Juma

    hey, The Palestinians are also not that innocent. they have been throwing rockets(from Iran,a country that wants to wipe out Israel from the map) at the Israeli country.