Ave always wondered what kind of juju musicians use to have such a profound effect on their fans to the extent that they, well. . . .act stupid. They are forgiven for doing things which if I was to try would earn me a tire necklace and petrol perfume. They can live recklessly, treat everyone like dirt, Date a woman and her daughter, hire a chef for their dog and wear meat dresses. . . but its okay so long as their music keeps coming.

Art and madness have a very thin line separating them if any at all. From Van Gogh to Picasso to Mozart. All were weird and had issues. . and all were exceedingly gifted. I guess eccentricity is a requirement and the crazier the better. Infact if you hear voices in your head, they will probably help you compose something magical. Its allowed to be insane, so long as you contribute to art. If not the looney bin welcomes you.

I thought everybody was mad and I was the last sane dude on the planet. That is until I bought an iPod and the sexiest earphones this side of the Sahara. then I found Music By a lady called Enya. Now to properly appreciate this lady, you need a quiet room, and darkness or simply close your eyes and listen. She doesn’t do much singing but her instrumentals will flow into your ears, around your temple and find their way into your arteries and flood your heart. . . If you have had a bad day, then I guarantee she will make it better. 
Another woman who’s music will probably live long after she is gone is Madonna . She may adopt Malawians, Mock Catholics, and be borderline psychotic but the woman can make music. And thats usually all that matters, she sells records and earns her millions, for a little slice of her madness.
This next one am not too sure if he is slightly bonkers but he makes beautiful music nonetheless. That I don’t understand a word he says is testament to his genius. He calls himself Kidum . He is Rwandan and sings like his life depends on it. Very soulful dude.
Well in short. If you can make music, and I mean make it from scratch, then you are truly blessed. I wish I could. .