Muliro Gardens

To say this is the most outrageous, sickening and totally hilarious trending topic ever on twitter would be calling Gaddaffi a naughty kid.

How grown men and women decided to be meeting in a park, during the day on a rickety bench to do their thing deserves a laugh. And if you dont find it funny, please take a shot of Dinitrogen Oxide (Laughing gas) because we dont see this everyday. .

The story is courtesy of one Robert Alai of the Techmtaa fame. I hope someone gets arrested for this. . its truly a shame. .


And the pics keep coming season 3 here

  • Fishpimp

    Where are the Muliro Garden pics?

    • mwangy

      follow the link in the text of the post. . .

  • Erasmus

    This park is right next to the municipal council offices and am ashamed of this because i live in kakamega. Could this be the reason for the population boom in this area?

  • Stephen Achesa M

    This is the far we have gone since have began to cultivate the culture of impunity!Is there nobody who can answer a question on this?Is this the best way to market Kakamega?

  • Stephen Achesa M

    Where is Mututho?This is where you should have began your purge.You have yet another task and we shall be watchmaking this space.

    • mwangy

      I agree it is very embarrassing and it is made worse by the fact that it appears the police are complicit.

  • Sharon Keziah

    This is very embarassing and something must be done about it.

    • HE GOAT

      who is embarassed? the actors and actresses are least embarassed. They look quite willing to do their thing and very pleased of the orgarsms which they would ordinarily not get in the home or lodging situattion. Very many of the site vistors are quite thrilled and entirely entertained. If you dont like the site dont bother to visit it. lets have more of it!

  • Stephen Achesa M

    It surprises me that not one person in authority has made a comment on this story.As for me, no introduction to a new friend includes Kakamega my home.However,I pray that people take it that we have other wonderfully moral ladies and gentlemen in our usually nice and lovely mulembe town.May our Good Lord forgive those who allowed the beast in them defeat the human.

    • HE GOAT

      Whats your problem? That they were in the open doing what God created for enjoyment and said that we should all be in love by loving one another? What difference would it make if they were to do in darkness as billions do in the confines of their bedrooms or away from prying eyes? The act will still be the same. Those who preyed uppon the loving couples are the ones who should raise issues with themselves as they are the ones who scripted the action? We are all getting new lessons in love making, new locations for it and different strokes!!!!!!!!!!!!No one is complaining and only those who have bigotted minds encrypted in spiritualism have issues but what are they doing in those sites?????????????????

  • jimmie

    he! m! ama ni joto jingi?

  • evelyner awuor

    its 2 amazing. u guyz have made ma day any way at times its good 2 make some of us laugh abit.yaani ma lojo huko ni gwang 2 vi dedly hadi uve just decided 2 ku harass bush.bravo 2 alllllllllllll ma sudi

  • Koluoch

    Aih! Yaani sisi tunapigania hague na wengine wana enjoy!! But anyway their styles upto date. SHAME ON YOU PARTICIPATORS. To HELL.

  • Koluoch

    Aih! Yaani sisi tunapigania hague na wengine wana enjoy!! But anyway their styles are upto date. SHAME ON YOU PARTICIPATORS. To HELL.

  • johna

    No more bull fighting! the bench has suddenly become more famous, utter the word ,”kakamega” and some one will say,”the bench, the sex bench”. congrats kakamegians, u have made the muliro gardens bench the most new tourist site. that means more revenue to our mighty country Kenya. thats why i shout,” am proud to be a Kenyan”. cheers.

  • collins andy

    This is fine Kenyans , we should do it whenever it is available. keep it up and give me any available information related to this. Coz there are many benches in Kenya unexposed. Niz guz lets have more photos including video.

  • nyundo

    These guys need assistance, they are sexual IDPs, running from their domestic torture chambers. Ocampo shud take up their cases.

  • francis

    This is outrageous

  • christine N.K

    if you ever have held a bible one day remember the days of sodoma and gomora it was exactly like this sex every where if God was to burn our cities who would be left? for our case it should not be fire like of sodoma days. it would be something which would torture you until you lift your voice to him (God)or die. for the bible says every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess THAT JESUS IS LORD. And those who seek him in truth and spirit shall be saved. Gods acts in singular not in plural. don’t you think AIDS is a curse from God. it doesn’t affect people through kissing, sneezing, sharing toilets etc just through SEX. it doesn’t have a cure and Ebola was gotten rid of why? It is for the just to live and watch as they pray. i.e the true worshipers.

  • loviiy

    Sex is like food or oxygen ,we must have it.It makes life more interesting.Man has invented so many things but nothing like sex.Sex is precious if practised with in marriage.

  • They are just doing it outdoor,more or less of whats been done indoor every minute.
    Take a look at this link for more similar stuff

  • human beings are essentially but corrupted with civilization

  • for the world is a transitory and everyone has a role to play but u pple of muliro gardens, it is too much. change for the better because nature respect changes. watch out.

  • stan

    its not real.. cant u see, its stage managed to promote hii blog…!!!

  • kips

    one bad thing about sex is that it cannot last for longprovided that u av released