Movies. . .

So am like a serous movie buff and there is little that I love more than a seriously entertaining flick. Action packed Sci-fi are my favourite coz there is nothing as exhilirating as blowing stuff up with something really techy. . 

But i also need to make sense of what is happening on screen. Now this is where the problem comes in because most people (and directors) throw sense out of the window as soon as the word entertainment comes up. Some shows are just brilliant until they come to the science and sense part. 

Take Starwars for instance. With all that technology and research you wanna tell me the most effective form of combat is using Light Sabres?Which are just fancy swords anyway? And then in a just about all the space based flicks when the space ships are in space and they run out of fuel or the engines cock up, the ships stop dead in their tracks like they were rolling down Uhuru highway. This totally disregards Newtonian physics that states that motion remains perpetual unless something stops or interferes with it. Now in space, there is near perfect vacuum and thus nothing to interfere with the motion. The ship should thus continue on its path as if nothing happened. But I guess Hollywood does work too well with sense.

And then there is the case of Aliens. somehow, they are all reptilian and have no idea what love and compassion is and thus it is considered the biggest weakness Mankind has, until we use it against them and ensure victory for earth. They are always portrayed as coldblooded murderers hell bent on eating humans or using us in bizarre experiments. Why no-one has speculated they may be fun loving, beautiful pot smoking Hippies on a jolly ride across the universe is beyond me. I don,t think we are the only civilization in the galaxy who like to have a little fun right? 

I can only conclude that we only have morbid fear of Extra-terrestrials because we are afraid that we aint on top of the universe's food chain. That someday, some dudes/things are gonna show up and pick us the way we pick grapes or apples or how we shika Kukus.

But I think the no. 1 thing that pisses me off in movies is the guys who hear something go bump in the dark and decide to investigate. I still hold that is why Africans are like way more than these white guys. Things that make sounds in the dark are generally avoided. we stay away and wait for sunrise to investigate. Or when you feel your life is in danger but you proceed to walk along dark alleys at night. They just make me want to slap them silly. I barely finish such movies because they rarely teach me anything new or present a story that is actually entertaining. 

Of late ave come to appreciate comedies and sitcoms. They always make me laugh regardless of the situational episode or if its the same characters. Big Bang theory is among my favorite series and for good Measure too. That I laugh hard in every episode is a salute to the directors and cast. No CGI no Special effects, just conversation. That is art.