Making an informed decision

Am still on the constitution and Clergy demanding unreasonable things
from the faithful who still flock to them despite having their young
sons molested in the confession box.

Insisting on chucking the Kadhis courts on the part of the church
displays that they are eithre very ignorant & arrogant or someone else
is pulling their strings for totally different reasons.

The clause that they want to be expunged now is there because they
insisted that it be put there by the PSC. The way it was put by the
PSC is really not legally sound because you cant put such a blanket
order on outlawing Abortions without leaving exceptions for
extraordinary situations like in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. . .

The kadhis’s courts are not a religious court and though they are for
a select few, the Muslims have had them as a right and the history
behind them cannot just be willfully ignored because you don’t like
that someone else has something you don’t have or need. If you want
the kadhi’s courts expunged, then you should be prepared to give up
the coastal strip to Tanzania. . . Say goodbye to the beaches, trade
and tourists. . .

We cant have double standards and try to force our opinion on everyone
else and think you will get away with it. . . . .If the church doesn’t
change their stand, They will be embarassed. . . .

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  • thekenyannutcase

    1) kadhi’s courts are religious english, a kadhi is a bishop.

    2) the church will not be embarrased.when the moral fibre of Kenya will deteriorate, they’ll run to church for after an abortion, theguilt ridden woman will run to church for counsel let alone to be prayed for in case she can’t conceive anymore.

    3)the church is not having a double standard, it’s the katia that says “there is no state religion” and then proceed to put a religious court in it’s judiciary

    4)the NO crusaders are raising issues and the YES people are attracking individuals eg by you saying clergy molest young sons

    5)which clause are you saying they asked to be inserted?

    • mwangy

      The clause they insisted on beibg included was that life begins @ conception (which the PSC added) . Yes the kadhis courts are religion based but its a right the kenyan muslims have been enjoying since independence look for the history of their inclusion in the current constitution , we can’t just throw it out without appreciating its history . . My problem is the militant stance of the church and using tithe and offertory funds for propaganda wars . . They have an audience evry sunday , they should use that forum and not media chest thumping like the politicians